Choose your workshop, speed-meet your team, and have ALL the tools needed for your project!

Welcome to AngelHacks 2.0 (, the hackathon for the world of angels (previously, city of angels)! We're here to help all beginners get the resources and projects they want under their belt -- so we're putting an extra focus on workshops! You'll choose a workshop you want to do, speed-meet a team (or bring your own), and learn ALL the requisite materal to make the project! Afterwards, feel free to customize and hack away, and the best winner per workshop gets a fun prize :)

We're open to people of all ages, even college students who want to get a jumpstart in coding! Email us at if you have any questions. 

We'll release the specific workshops closer to Feb 26-28, 2021 and if you have any questions, let us know! (Stay tuned for new updates, we might be doing some fun events builing up to the hackathon, like random food deliveries or trivia games!) Additionally, find us on instagram!

Current (Confirmed) Workshops:

- Causality & AI (taught by Scott Mueller, a researcher at UCLA)

- Entrepreneurship & Problem Solving (taught by Peter Griggs, co-founder of DeepAI)

- Next.JS Intro to React (taught by Neel Redkar, c0d3r ekstraordinaire)

- Doomsday Preparations (taught by Jacob Haap, shark tamer)

- Designing Awesome Websites (taught by Sarthak Mohanty, notably of texas)

- Construct Game Design & Development (taught by Melody Starling, magician and maker!!)

- Wildfire Detection with Satellite Imagery (VGA)


We'll have a bunch of fun activites that also come with prizes, like a bedwars tournament with the wnning team receiving a $100 amazon gift card, wikipedia races, survival games, and more! Make sure to join our discord.

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$228,300 in prizes


General winner! You'll each win a pair of airpods (up to 4 team members).

Most Innovative Hack - Tesla Factory Tour

Get a tesla factory tour once the quarantine limitations are over! We'll reimburse a small portion of the flight if needed.

Second/Third Prize (2)

You each win an Amazon Echo Dot, 4th generation! Given to 2 teams!

Weirdest and Craziest Hack

Each team member gets a year's worth of ramen! Yes, really.

Best Education Hack (2)

Each team member gets a Sphero, those super cool moving balls that you can program. (And are pretty cute!)

Pinnacle Qualification - Best Hack

The top winning team gets an all expenses trip to Pinnacle, the ultimate hackathon where you'll meet some serious hackers and participate in the olympics of coding :P

Workshop Winner - Speakers (2)

Win a JBL Flip if you win within your workshop and not qualify for another prize! This is given to 2 winning teams!

Most Daring and Niche Project

Win your age in pounds of slime! (i.e., if you're 16, you'll win 16 pounds of slime -- we can converse afterwards on specs).

This is for the craziest and most useless/useful (!?) hack :)

Inside Newsletter Subscription (700)

Every attendee gets a free 1 year subscription to!! It's worth $300 a year :)

Advin Servers Hosting (200)

First 500 people (so first teams) to opt-in get free web hosting! Learn more at

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Make sure you have signed up on Airtable and joined our Discord. All ages middle school and beyond welcome! (Feel free to email us if you have any questions) Please be sure to think about fairness though -- we're geared towards beginners so if you have more than 2 years or so of experience, we'd love to have you as a mentor, if you'd like! Of course, you are still allowed to compete!


All submissions should have a link to Github repo or easy access to project and explanation of what you added on top of the workshop!

To qualify for prizes, you must have a 2-minute or so video introducing your project. 


David Liberman

David Liberman
Snapchat / Frank

Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner
Formerly Github, working on Chatterbug and Redwood JS!

Daniel Liberman

Daniel Liberman
Snapchat / Frank

Chantelle Baier

Chantelle Baier
4Space CEO

Peter Griggs

Peter Griggs
DeepAI Co-Founder

Peter Dignard

Peter Dignard
Senior Associate Director of Admission, Phillips Academy Andover

Judging Criteria

  • Learning
    We look at how much you learned during the event. What was your skill level entering the event, and where were you at the end? Someone who enters as a beginner and learns a lot will score better than someone who already has the skills, and learns nothing.
  • Engagement
    How much did you take advantage of your time here? Did you attend workshops? Did you participate in any activities? Were you active on Discord? Solely working on your project will make you score lower.
  • Originality
    How unique is your project? Is it something that's been done before? Projects that are crazy and unusual will score higher. Make an app that helps you communicate with penguin ghosts, and not accounting software.


  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Social Good
  • Music/Art